Social Initiatives

Action Policy

As a result of the ageing society, the amount of taxes and public funds necessary to compensate the decline in the working population that is supporting the social security system and the cost of the social security system itself are both expected to increase sharply in Japan going forward. As the debt funding public expenditures is pushing the burden onto future generations, MDV believes it is important to implement measures to sustain people’s healthy lives in order to alleviate this burden and to build a sustainable social security system. MDV contributes to sustaining healthy lives and to building a sustainable social security system through business activities aimed at “providing a business support system for medical institutions that helps improve management of medical institutions, contributes to the standardization, unification, equality of access, and improved quality of medical care via the provision of benchmarks, and assists in curtailing the rise in medical expenses”, “enabling analysis and realization of issues in the medical sphere such as new prevention, diagnostic, and treatment methods through use of the largest medical database in Japan for research”, and “creating a society in which citizens manage their own medical and health information and can choose their own medical and health services based on this information, thus enabling health management and the prevention and early identification of diseases, while also realizing patient-focused medicine that promotes understanding of diseases and treatments.”

SDGs Initiatives

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are international targets for 2016 through 2030 adopted at the United Nations summit on September 2015 as agents of change needed to achieve sustainable development. They are comprised of 17 goals and 169 targets.

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