Medication Trend Ranking in MDV Data (2019)

1. What Kind of Information is Included in MDV Database?

MDV database contains medical treatment, disease, and partial blood test results information allowing different analysis from pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, academia, research institution, and health insurance providers.
Within the medical treatment information, medication are included. Medication information can be broken down to generic names and brand names. These information can be utilized to specify your target patient population.
On this occasion, we will look at the medication trend ranking in Japan using the data.

2. Medication Trend Ranking in MDV Data (January 2019- December 2019)

From MDV Database containing over 400 hospitals with more that 30 million patient data

No Product Name Total Cost (JPY)
1 Keytruda 28,518,661,166
2 Avastin 25,550,775,125
3 Opdivo 20,175,126,285
4 Tagrisso 18,254,689,361
5 Revlimid 12,941,605,971
6 Maviret 12,613,701,450
7 Remicade 12,391,029,348
8 Samsca 11,675,580,681
9 Cyramza 11,378,528,505
10 Zytiga 10,333,509,820
11 Humira 9,942,707,049
12 Eylea 8,824,066,654
13 Leuplin 8,417,467,228
14 Alimta 8,362,996,998
15 Abraxane 8,296,366,026
16 Sprycel 7,811,064,073
17 Xtandi 7,456,035,243
18 Lixiana 7,353,122,808
19 Perjeta 7,220,571,695
20 Lyrica 7,201,017,122

Regardless of MDV Database based from acute care hospitals, prescription seen in chronic disease can be seen since majority of MDV data is from outpatient setting.
There is also disease and blood test results and by combining these information, it will allow more comprehensive analysis.

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