Surgery Trend Ranking in MDV Data (2019)

1. What Kind of Information is Included in MDV Database?

MDV database contains medical treatment, disease, and partial blood test results information allowing different analysis from pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, academia, research institution, and health insurance providers.
For surgery or any other medical treatment other than medication, Japan utilized a unique category and code system. For example, surgeries are all referred as “K code” category. These codes can be utilized to pin-point number of patients as well as volume of surgeries.

2. Surgery Trend Ranking in MDV Data (January 2019 - December 2019)

From MDV Database containing over 400 hospitals with more that 30 million patient data

Health Claim Category Code Health Claim Category Code Number of Patients
K721 Endoscopic colon polypectomy/membrane resection 165,218
K282 Lens reconstruction surgery 129,106
K936 Autosuture device add-on fee 68,180
K046 Invasive fracture surgery 56,880
K549 Percutaneous coronary artery stenting 44,709
K898 Caesarean delivery 37,774
K476 Malignant breast tumor surgery 35,291
K688 Endoscopic biliary stenting 31,315
K783-2 Transurethral stenting of ureteral stent 30,394
K142 Spinal fusion, laminectomy, laminoplasty (including multiple intervertebral or multiple vertebral arch surgery) 30,325
K082 Artificial joint replacement 25,391
K595 Percutaneous catheter ablation 25,234
K672-2 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 24,699
K654 Endoscopic digestive tract hemostasis 23,493
K803 Malignant bladder tumor surgery 19,903
K601 Artificial heart and lung (per one day) 19,035
K687 Endoscopic papilla incision 17,316
K888 Surgical procedure of the uterine appendage to the uterus (bilateral) 16,778
K653 Endoscopic gastric, duodenal polyp/membrane resection 16,775
K276 Retinal photocoagulation 16,673
K616-4 Percutaneous shunt dilation/thrombectomy 16,673
K611 Implantable catheter placement for continuous intraarterial, intravenous or intraabdominal injection of antitumor agents 16,083
K600 Aorta balloon-bumping method (IABP method) (per one day) 16,080
K615 Vascular embolization (blood vessels in head, thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity and others) 14,313
K081 Artificial femoral head insertion 12,740

Various surgeries for different disease can be seen due to MDV database consisting hospitals which have capabilities to treat acute and chronic disease.
There are also diseases and blood test results and by combining these information, it will allow more comprehensive analysis.

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