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  • AugustEstablished Company (August 20th)
  • DecemberLaunched “Marketing Vision,” hospital business support tool (services provided till 2010)


  • SeptemberLaunched “Path Manager,” clinical pathway construction tool (services provided till 2010)


  • AugustLaunched “EVE,” a DPC analysis benchmark system with GLOBAL HEALTH CONSULTING
  • DecemberThird-party allotment of shares to Medipal Holdings Corporation
    (formerly known as Mediceo Paltac Holdings Co., Ltd.)


  • MarchThird-party allotment of shares to Mitsubishi Corporation
  • AprilLaunched “Cost Matrix,” DPC cost analysis benchmark system
  • JuneEstablished “えむでぶ倶楽部 (Emudebu Club),” a user group consisted of 8 core hospitals
  • NovemberLaunched “EVE-ASP,” DPC data information analysis benchmark system


  • AprilLaunched “EBM Provider” operations


  • JulyEstablished capital alliance with CMIC Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • SeptemberLaunched “Medical Code,” hospital business support system (equipped with “enhanced computational scenarios”)
  • OctoberLaunched “看護のアイちゃん (Kango no Ai-chan),” home-visit/nursing-care assessment system (transferred business in 2011)


  • AprilEndowed a course at the International University of Health and Welfare (Healthcare management strategy course/h-MBA course)
  • JuneEstablished capital alliance with Fujifilm Holdings Corporation and commenced business partnership
  • October“Medical Code” equipped with “daily cost computation for patients” feature
  • December“Medical Code” equipped with “enhanced drug prescription scenarios” feature


  • NovemberEstablished Kyushu branch (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka)


  • JanuaryStarted collaboration on cost accounting with St. Luke’s International Hospital
  • March Equipped add-on feature “Medical Fee Payment Revision Simulation” to “Medical Code”
    Launched “けんぽアナライザー (Kenpo Analyzer),” health insurance associations ASP-type data analysis tool
    Launched “めでぃログ (Medi-log),” health insurers health management portal site
  • AugustLaunched “MDV analyzer,” medical data analysis tool


  • MarchStarted “MDV Medical Data” distribution to “Nikkei Telecom”


  • DecemberListed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market


  • FebruaryLaunched analysis services related to H&BC
  • MarchLaunched “MDV analyzer for Academia,” epidemiological research analysis system
  • AprilEstablished subsidiary CADA Co., Ltd.
  • MayLaunched “メディリア (Medireer),” healthcare professional career website
  • JuneLaunched “エースビジョン (Ace Vision),” hospital digital healthcare solution
  • NovemberLaunched “Hospital eye,” management visualization solution


  • FebruaryStarted data analysis service for health insurance provider industry
  • MarchLaunched “Medical Trend Report for インシュアランス (Medical Trend Report for Insurance),” medical statistic data analysis report
  • JuneLaunched “がん領域提携サービス (Cancer Therapeutic Alliance Service )” for health insurance provider
  • JulyLaunched “MCI・認知症に特化した提携データセット (MCI/Dementia Alliance Specified Data-set )” for health insurance provider
  • AugustStarted business partnership with CSI Co., Ltd.
  • OctoberLaunched “CADA-BOX,” hospital digital health solution
  • NovemberLaunched medical materials market share analysis research service by manufactures and products in the real world setting
    Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section


  • JanuaryAcquisition of Doctorbook Inc.
  • FebruaryEstablished subsidiary company MDV Consumer Health Co., Ltd., manufacturing and provision of OTC and H&BC products
  • MarchStarted collaboration with MEDIE Co., Ltd.
  • JuneAcquisition of Cosmex Co., Ltd. (presently known as MDV Trial Co., Ltd.)
  • NovemberAcquisition of MDV New Connect Co., Ltd.
  • DecemberStarted business partnership with Techmatrix Corporation


  • JanuaryStarted business partnership with MRSO, Inc.


  • OctoberAcquisition of Medical Domain Inc.


  • FebruaryThe number of patients in MDV’s large scale database exceeded 30 million
  • AprilStarted new database service based on health insurance association data
  • JuneEstablished CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team)
  • AugustLaunched “Vision,” hospital business report service
  • September“MDV analyzer” equipped with “health insurance data analysis” feature
    Launched “カンゴッチ+(プラス) (Kangocchi + (plus))," application for “The level of need for nursing care” analysis
    Started business partnership with CareNet,Inc
  • OctoberAcquisition of System be alpha Co., Ltd.
    Launched “オンラインドクターバンク (Online Doctor.Bank (ODB)),” telemedicine system
  • NovemberStarted business partnership with SBI Holdings, Inc.
  • DecemberLaunched “MDV Must,” a medical treatment visualization system for small-scale hospitals and clinics
    Started business partnership with ImmuniT Research Inc.


  • JanuaryBecame a supporting member of the Japan Municipal Hospital Association
  • JuneStarted business partnership with Rehab for JAPAN Co., Ltd.
    Launched beta version of “ポケット・ブレイン (Pocket Brain),” an app for medical abbreviations
  • August“MDV analyzer” equipped with “National Estimate” feature
  • AugustStarted business partnership with IQVIA Solutions Japan, Inc. and TriNetX, LLC

Performance Report

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