MDV and DeSC Collaborate to Launch “Extrapolation Function”
Nationwide Value Calculation Possible with Insurer Data Matching

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (MDV), a company with the largest medical database (DB) in Japan, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and led by President and CEO Hideyuki Iwasaki, is pleased to announce the release of a new service called “Extrapolation Estimation Function,” jointly developed with DeSC Healthcare, Inc. (DeSC), a subsidiary of DeNA Co., Ltd., which operates the healthcare business within the [DeNA] Group, headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and led by President and CEO Sho Segawa. This new function has been integrated into the web analysis tool “MDV analyzer,” enabling easy analysis of patient numbers, prescription days, prescription quantities, and other metrics.

The Extrapolation Estimation Function utilizes insurer data from DeSC, which includes health insurance societies, national health insurance, and the medical care system for the Elderly. By matching this data with ledger information and calculating the morbidity rate for each type of insurer data, it leverages MDV’s aggregated national-scale medical data (hospital data) as well as the total population and total number of subscribers for each insurer and local government to calculate nationwide values.

To resolve the time lag issue in obtaining insurer data, which requires a certain amount of time to be finalized, MDV complements it with hospital data aggregated by MDV, which is usually accumulated two months in advance. This ensures that users can promptly access the latest nationwide values.

MDV continues to accumulate anonymous processed data with secondary usage permissions obtained from medical institutions, and its hospital data has reached 44.06 million individuals (actual patient count as of June 2023). The insurer data, including health insurance, national health insurance, and late-stage elderly medical care, reaches 19.46 million individuals (actual patient count as of the same period)* through the business alliance with DeNA. Furthermore, “MDV analyzer” is already being utilized by pharmaceutical companies, academia (research institutions), and others.

*Please note that the Extrapolation Estimation Function only utilizes the DeSC portion of the insurer data to calculate estimated values.

Main Applications of the Expanded Estimation Function

  1. Accurate market understanding by gender and age group from 0 to 100 years old
  2. Use of nationwide values for inquiries from authorities
  3. Utilization for market forecasts due to new drug development

Screenshot of MDV analyzer expanded estimation function

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