MDV Database Overview

MDV Database contains the administrative data from over 480 hospitals reporting the status and treatment of approximately 45 million patients with a significant share of patients over 65 years old.

What makes MDV Database Special?

It is a large scale Database

  • Covering approximately 28 percent of advanced treatment hospitals
  • More than 1 million health claims each month
  • Possibility to analyze data in rare diseases, detailed conditions of medication/disease and diagnostic

A significant volume of elderly patient data

  • On top of DPC data, deliver additional health claim data from all insurance types (Social/National/ Elderly Insurance) to complete the description of patients & treatment paradigms
  • Possibility to analyze the number of patients based on diseases commonly seen in elderly population

Monthly Data Update

  • Data updated monthly
  • Last update will correspond to data collected and treated 2 months before

From Data Collection to Data Utilization

MDV provides business support system to DPC hospitals to collect and report administrative data. Upon receiving the consent of the hospital, MDV can start the treatment of data. The data are anonymized at the hospitals where the data are processed into the data to be extracted for the usage by over 100 organizations including pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, academia, research institutions, and health insurance companies.

Database Available for Commercial Application in Japan

There are generally three kinds of databases available in Japan including pharmacy claims database, hospital-based database, and health insurance societies database. Each individual database has its advantages and disadvantages so please consider which database will be adapted to your research project.

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About Japanese Healthcare System

What you need to know about the healthcare system in Japan before using the data.


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