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Hospital Data [Actual number of patients: 48.00 million]

We are pleased to announce that the actual number of patients in Medical Data Vision’s large-scale medical database has reached 48.00 million patients as of the end of June 2024.
One of the largest medical databases in Japan.

  • Data availability period: April 2008 – End of April 2024
  • The start date of data availability varies between hospitals.
  • A patient is counted as one even if he/she has multiple visits to the same medical institution, but if he/she visits more than one medical institution, it will be counted as a duplicate visit.

Hospital Data, Distribution of patients by age [Number of patients: 11.78 million]

Out of 11.78 million patients, 48% (about 5.6 million) are 65 years old or older.

Aggregation period: April 2021 – March 2022 (1 year)

Health Insurance Database [Actual number of patients: 21.02 million]

Data availability period: April 2012 – End of September 2023

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About Japanese Healthcare System

What you need to know about the healthcare system in Japan before using the data.


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