Medication Trend Ranking in MDV Data (2022)

1. What Kind of Information is included in MDV Database?

MDV database contains medical treatment, disease, and partial blood test result information allowing different analyses by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, academia, research institutions, and health insurance companies.
Within the medical treatment information, medications are included. Medication information can be broken down to generic names and product names. This information can be used to target a specific patient population for refined analysis.
On this occasion, we will look at the medication trend ranking in Japan using the data in MDV database.

2. Medication Trend Ranking in MDV Data (January 2022- December 2022)

MDV Database contains more than 45 million patient data from over 480 hospitals in Japan:

No Product Name Total Cost (JPY)
1 Opdivo 37,299,803,635
2 Keytruda 31,416,024,864
3 Tagrisso 28,279,468,696
4 Avastin 22,271,377,964
5 Tecentriq 18,787,961,689
6 Samsca 14,936,814,179
7 Platelet Concentrate (NISSEKI) 14,483,064,499
8 Zytiga 14,329,959,132
9 Cyramza 13,982,572,308
10 Xtandi 12,998,781,332
11 Imfinzi 12,737,096,451
12 Eylea 12,209,612,919
13 Darzquro 11,858,828,118
14 Stelara 11,809,004,186
15 Revlimid 11,575,208,952
16 Humira 11,128,490,592
17 Red Blood Cells (NISSEKI) 11,090,971,464
18 Hemlibra 10,982,941,314
19 Veklury 9,669,095,492
20 Ofev 9,510,423,811

(Total cost calculated by the reported Rx data (dosage/regimen) multiplied by NHIP per unit)

Despite the fact that MDV Database collects the data from advanced/acute care denominated hospitals, we can clearly observe that the list of most frequently reported diseases also contains chronic conditions seen in outpatient setting.
Users can also access medical treatment and blood test results and by combining those information, they should be able to compile a more comprehensive analysis.

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