Surgery Trend Ranking in MDV Data (2022)

1. What Kind of Information is included in MDV Database?

MDV database contains medical treatment, disease, and partial blood test result information allowing different analyses by pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, academia, research institutions, and health insurance companies.
For surgery or any medical treatment other than medication, it is important to note that the categories and code system used in Japan is unique. For example, surgeries are all referred as “K code” category. These codes can be used to pinpoint number of patients as well as volume of surgeries.

2. Surgery Trend Ranking in MDV Data (January 2022 - December 2022)

MDV Database contains more than 42 million patient data from over 475 hospitals in Japan:

No Health Claim Number Code Health Claim Number Name Number of Patients
1 K000 Wound processing 326,957
2 K920-2 Blood transfusion management fee 192,259
3 K920 Transfusion 183,058
4 K721 Endoscopic large intestine polypectomy / membrane resection 182,213
5 K931 Ultrasound coagulation incision apparatus and others add-on fee 142,880
6 K282 Lens reconstruction surgery 87,221
7 K936 Autosuture device add-on fee 71,998
8 K046 Invasive fracture surgery 55,376
9 K005 Skin, subdermal tumor extirpation (exposed part) 34,530
10 K549 Percutaneous coronary artery stenting 34,347
11 K939 Surgery support by images or others add-on fee 27,938
12 K082 Artificial joint replacement 27,729
13 K142 Spinal fusion, laminectomy, laminoplasty (including multiple intervertebral or multiple vertebral arch surgery) 26,662
14 K672-2 Laparoscopic cholecystectomy 26,431
15 K688 Endoscopic biliary stenting 25,589
16 K595 Percutaneous catheter ablation 25,508
17 K001 Skin incision 25,131
18 K006 Skin, subdermal tumor extirpation (except exposed part) 25,059
19 K476 Malignant breast tumor surgery 23,034
20 K898 Caesarean delivery 22,409

Various surgeries for different diseases can be observed as MDV database consist of hospitals that have capabilities to treat both acute and chronic diseases. Blood test results can be combined in the survey to support a more comprehensive analysis.

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