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Our company, “Medical Data Vision (MDV)” was named to fulfill the purpose of achieving a vision and creating better medical and healthcare in Japan through the usage of large volume real world data.
In recent years, expectation towards EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) has been constantly raising. In order to use medical and healthcare data effectively, information and communication technologies are required; however, the medical field in Japan significantly lags behind in the field of information technologies.

MDV was established in 2003 aiming to effectively use large volume database of medical and healthcare data to improve the quality of medical and healthcare and create benefits for everyone in daily life.
Our ultimate mission is “Creating a society where individuals can track and understand their whole medical and healthcare data (lifetime data)” and “Creating a society where one individual can select the necessary medical and healthcare services based on one’s lifetime data”.

MDV will continue to operate to fulfill its mission.
We look forward to your continuous support.

President Hiroyuki Iwasaki

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What you need to know about the healthcare system in Japan before using the data.

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