Introducing “MDV analyzer for Patient Journey” A Chronological Approach to Monitor Changes in Treatment & Prescription

  • August 1, 2022

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Iwasaki), which owns the largest hospital database (DB) in Japan, promotes the use of medical data to determine the number of patients and prescription days. MDV is pleased to announce the launch of “MDV analyzer for Patient Journey”, which is equipped with a new function to check changes in the prescription of patients undergoing medical treatment, leveraging the Web-based analysis tool “MDV analyzer” that can easily analyze the amount of prescription with graphics.

Patient Journey is a common expression to represent the historic progression through which a patient would consult medical professionals and would be treated for a disease or symptom, with the subsequent medication and treatment, while the patient’s health conditions may evolve positively or negatively, requiring adjustments in the treatment. By using the “MDV analyzer for Patient Journey”, users can enter the name of the disease, set the period, and analyze the evolution of treatment with the conditions of the patient based on details of the surgery / treatment that the patient received, the prescribed medicines, etc. . It is also possible to check the clinical status of each clinical practice guideline.

What is possible with MDV analyzer for Patient Journey

  1. Grasp the actual conditions of clinical surgery / treatment, drugs, etc for each disease
  2. Check prescription changes, treatments, etc. of patients undergoing medical treatment in chronological order
  3. Get a Visual display by Sankey diagram (chart showing flow rate between processes)
  4. Compare with clinical practice guidelines

MDV analyzer for Patient Journey Sankey Diagram

MDV Database collects anonymously processed data upon receiving a secondary license from medical institution. The actual number of patients in “hospital data” collected in those DPC institution reached 40.16 million, as of end of June 2022.

In addition, by combining health insurance society data, data on the recovery period and chronic period has been enriched, and it has become possible to track information on transfer destinations as well as information on each hospital / clinic. “Health insurance data” is 7.8 million people as of end of June 2022.

Based on these medical databases, we provide “MDV analyzer” services, and our main customers are pharmaceutical companies and academia researchers for analysis and marketing of drug prescriptions, as well as when writing research papers.

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