“MDV analyzer” Health Insurance Claim data to reach 18 million patient volume to combine with Japan largest hospital database

  • August 31, 2022

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Iwasaki, hereinafter “MDV”), which aims to unify medical data, is expanding the insurance claim data volume to reach approximately 18 million of patients’ data into MDV analyzer, the company’s web tool that allows users to easily analyze the number of patients by indication, duration of prescription, dosage, etc. based on one of the largest medical database in Japan.

MDV and DeNA Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Shingo Okamura, hereinafter “DeNA”) entered into a business alliance in May 2022. The collaboration aims at enhancing the database available in both companies by adding the insurer database owned by DeNA to the Health Insurance society database of MDV where already 7.84 million patients are stored as of the end of July.

Regrouping Health Insurance database of MDV and DeNA will include data on self-employed persons and other individuals covered by the National Health Insurance, as well as data on persons aged 75 or older who are covered by the Medical Care System for Elderly. These are new features to MDV Analyzer. By combining both companies’ database, a volume of 18 million patients’ insurance claim will complete MDV’s hospital database covering all ages with 40.42 million patients. By further enriching the database for the elderly population, we aim at creating the largest hospital and Health Insurance database in Japan to further enlarge the scope of analysis.

Features of the combined database

  • Twice as many the number of patient insurance claim data than before
  • More detailed data on elderly and latter-stage elderly with more refined prevalence
  • Possibility to track transfer information between clinic and hospital for a wide range of diseases from acute to chronic, from severe to minor (e.g., prescription continuation, prescription change, etc)

Data Utilization Service Lineup

MDV analyzer

Users can easily analyze by themselves the number of patients by indication, the number of days of prescriptions for a medication, and the dosage. Possibility of combining diverse analyses not only for diseases and medicines, but also for actual medical practices such as surgeries and tests.

MDV analyzer for Academia

It can be used for feasibility studies in epidemiology and database research to determine causative relationships between medication and side effects.

MDV analyzer for Oncology

It specialized in the oncology field. By analyzing the market share of regimens used in the actual setting, line-by-line analysis can be used for positioning the company’s products in the market, adding new indications, and studying potential patients prior to new product launches.

MDV analyzer for Patient Journey

The patient’s treatment flow can be visualized with a Sankey diagram (chart showing the flow rate between processes) and be used for a wide range of purposes, including market research for marketing, feasibility studies for clinical trials, and preparation of evaluation materials for products to be launched.

In addition, we are offering “ad hoc services” in which we can provide more specific and precise analyses in accordance with the user requests, and “annual data provision services” in which we provide data from our medical databases on an annual contract basis. We will also provide a linked database for these services.

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