Data access agreement signed with Prospection (Australia). By combining the expertise of Prospection in analytics, which has a worldwide reputation, with one of the largest medical databases in Japan, the companies aim to improve the quality of healthcare services.

  • September 9, 2022

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki Iwasaki, hereinafter “MDV”), which owns the largest medical database in Japan, has concluded a three-year agreement with Prospection (Headquarters: Sydney, Japan Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), a leading Australian healthcare analytics company, for the provision of its medical data. Prospection will start to promote and sell the platform with medical data from MDV to customers outside Japan.

The agreement will incorporate MDV’s medical database into Prospection’s key service, “Prospection technology,” a platform that allows users to view medical databases from around the world in one place. The Prospection platform is a service used by leading pharmaceutical companies and researchers in academia in the Asia Pacific region, the United Kingdom, and the United States. By analyzing the long-term treatment histories of hundreds of millions of patients and using Prospection’s analytical technology to assess the reality of treatment, its value and outcomes, the healthcare industry can better understand symptoms and identify ways to optimize treatment.

Image of the “Prospection platform” screen

Kaoru Sato, Country Manager, Japan

Prospection established its Japan office in 2020 with Kaoru Sato, an experienced Japanese pharmaceutical industry veteran, as its country manager, and has been developing its business and services in Japan. This agreement with MDV will provide access to detailed hospital data in eight blocks across Japan and insurance claims data from each of the 47 prefectures, enabling analysis of disease progression and outcomes, and visualization of disease progression by providing evidence in areas where efforts are being made to resolve those unmet needs.

The actual number of patients included in MDV’s hospital data is over 40 million

MDV collects anonymized processed data that has been obtained from medical institutions with permission for secondary use. The actual number of patients in hospital data accumulated mainly in the acute phase is 40.88 million (total as of the end of August, 2022). In addition, by owning health insurance association data, data for recovery and chronic phases have also been enhanced, and it is now possible to track information by hospital and clinic, as well as information on where patients are transferred. The actual number of patients in the health insurance data is now 7.88 million (total as of the end of August, 2022).

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