Capital and Business Alliance with Contactless Vital Sign-Sensing Tech “Sensing”Potential Applications in PHR System “Karteco” and Other Products

  • November 14, 2022

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hiroyuki Iwasaki; hereafter “MDV”), which aims to unify medical data, announced that it has formed a capital and business alliance with SENSING Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: ISSEKI KIN), a start-up company that possesses non-contact biometric information acquisition technology.
The two companies will begin technical collaboration with a potential application in the personal health record (PHR) system “Karteco,” which MDV began offering in June 2015 and is already being used by approximately 40,000 people nationwide.

We believe that if SENSING’s non-contact biometric information acquisition technology is incorporated into the “Karteco,” daily health monitoring will be made easier. One of SENSING’s technologies, the “SENSING application,” allows users to measure their pulse rate, respiratory rate, LF/HF (sympathetic), HF (parasympathetic), TP (total power) and other conditions by simply filming their face with a smartphone camera for 45 seconds. For example, if one is able to understand the status of the autonomic nervous system that operates unconsciously, it is possible to make appropriate changes in daily routines in order to develop healthy behavior habits. Compared to contact electrocardiographs, the accuracy is rated 99% for pulse, and more than 90% for LF/HF and HF.

Currently, the system is under implementation in the Cabinet Office’s Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation, employee health management, driver monitoring, and sports gyms, etc. The information obtained from these measurements is also considered for human health management and as a PHR by accumulating daily vitals.
By adding the new vital information acquired by the “SENSING application” to the medical and health information collected in “Karteco,” the analysis of diseases caused by multiple factors in daily life, such as lifestyle-related diseases, will be enhanced.

Regarding this capital and business alliance, President Iwasaki said, “Karteco is a tool that allows you to make your body and your health your own. There is great potential in SENSING technology. I believe that when this technology is implemented in Karteco and people around the world check it daily, their everyday lifestyle will be enriched.”

Furthermore, SENSING was recently awarded at the Japan Summit Summer/Fall 2022 Batch – Tokyo Edition in the Mobility category of the accelerator program of Plug and Play JAPAN, the Japanese subsidiary of the world’s top accelerator/venture capital firm Plug and Play. only)


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    SENSING Co., Ltd.
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    December 16, 2019
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    2-5-1, Atago, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
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    Developing, selling, and supporting of non-contact biometric information acquisition technology service only)

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