A large-scale survey was conducted among users of the PHR system “Karteco,” and “show one’s health and medical information to the family” was the most common response.

  • November 29, 2022

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. who develops and provides “Karteco,” a PHR system that enables people to manage their health and medical information by themselves for a lifetime, conducted a survey among Karteco users and asked them with whom they would share their health and medical information, and found that “family members” were the most common answers.

This survey was conducted for 11 days from October 21 to 31, 2022, through the web among “Karteco” users (including patients and medical checkup patients), with 2,219 respondents. The service was launched in June 2015, and as of the end of September 2022, there are currently 11 medical institutions and health checkup facilities where “Karteco” can be used. Including those who have downloaded and are using “Karteco” as an app, approximately 40,000 people are using the service.

When the survey asked, “Have you ever shown your health and medical information on Karteco to anyone?” with multiple answers, 69.1% of the respondents answered “no,” followed by 24.4% for “family members,” 6.8% for “doctors,” and so on (see the upper part of the graph).

In response to this question, we also included an “Other” option (2.8%) and asked respondents to write freely, and the most common answer was “insurance company.”
Other responses included “occupational therapist,” “care manager,” “company health nurse,” as well as “showed a friend with the same disease about prescription drugs” and “supervisor at work.”

Among medical records, “test results” topped the list.

“Karteco” allows users to check on the results of their visits at medical institutions and health checkups anytime, anywhere using smartphones and other devices as health / medical information.

When asked with multiple choice answers what items in the “Medical Records” section of the “Medical Information” category of “Karteco” they checked most often, 907 people responded (see bottom of graph).

The top response was “test results” (86.2%), followed by “prescribed medications” (29.3%) and the name of the disease (21.6%). In addition to this, the ratio of male to female users of “Karteco” was about the same, with those in their 50s accounting for the highest percentage (37.7%), followed by those in their 60s (26.6%) and 40s (19.1%).

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