MDV enters into alliance with ExaWizards
A partnership between medical big data and multimodal AI specialist to improve diagnosis accuracy for rare diseases

  • April 24, 2023

Medical Data Vision Inc. (MDV), based in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and led by CEO Hiroyuki Iwasaki, which holds the largest domestic medical big data, is pleased to announce that it has reached a basic agreement to form a business partnership with Exawizards Inc., a company with multimodal AI (*1) technology and headquartered in Minato-ku. The companies will analyze MDV’s medical big data with AI to improve the diagnostic accuracy of rare diseases and contribute to screening potential patients who have not been diagnosed with the correct disease name.

Through this business partnership, the companies will provide innovative medical services that were not possible before, such as developing disease prediction programs and creating learning data for physicians. They will focus particularly on the rare disease field and aim to establish a data-driven (*2) business in the medical field. They plan to start providing new services in the 2023 fiscal year and gradually introduce new services thereafter.
Under the open alliance strategy, MDV formed a business partnership with DeNA Co., Ltd. in May last year to build the largest domestic insurer database by collaborating on databases accumulated by both companies. This added health insurance association data and expanded the available database to include data for national health insurance enrollees and late-stage elderly people, in addition to hospital data, making it the largest in Japan. As of the end of March, the available database included 43.22 million hospital data and 19.11 million insurer data.

Exawizards has been developing, implementing, and strategizing AI-based services since its founding in 2016, and has been accumulating its own algorithms and data while operating as a multi-sector and multi-modal strategy AI platform and AI product business. It also possesses advanced technology in the hardware field, such as robots and AI cameras, with a cumulative number of patent applications of 191 and a cumulative number of patents acquired of 85 as of the end of December 2022.

*1 Multimodal AI refers to AI that can handle a variety of data, such as images, videos, sensors, voice, and text.
*2 Data-driven refers to a system of collecting real-time data and making decisions based on that data.



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