Introduction of the MDV Act Regional Collaboration Analysis Tool Service: Essential for Analyzing Data in Patient Attraction Strategy Planning

  • November 10, 2023

Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (MDV), headquartered in Tokyo’s Chiyoda ward and led by President and CEO Hiroshi Iwasaki, has equipped its “MDV Act” clinical analysis package with a “Regional Collaboration Analysis Tool.” This tool enhances collaboration between local medical facilities and aids in devising patient acquisition strategies. To utilize the regional collaboration analysis tool, it is necessary to implement the “MDV Act” clinical analysis package within the hospital. Once operational, it analyzes a range of data, including a master list of medical facilities with collaboration records, monthly lists of referred and reverse-referred patients, and DPC data.

This analysis facilitates the understanding of various aspects, such as when patients referred by different medical facilities attended outpatient clinics or were admitted, along with the associated revenues.

What you can do with the regional collaboration analysis tool

  • Identify medical institutions that should strengthen collaboration
    1. Medical institutions whose number of referred / reverse referral patients has decreased compared to the past
    2. Medical institutions that refer patients for diseases / surgeries that you particularly want to collect
    3. Specific doctors / Medical institutions that have relationships only with clinical departments
  • Check the collaboration results with each medical institution on the map
  • Check the list of referral / reverse referral cases

For further details, you can visit the service introduction page.

Understanding the Collaboration Status with Local Medical Institutions

Visualizing the Relationship with Local Medical Institutions

List of Referral and Reverse Referral Cases

The Service Introduction Page (only in Japanese)

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