Dr. Kiyomi Nojiri to Assume Role as External Director: Expectations High Due to Extensive Clinical Experience and Insights as an Occupational Physician

  • February 15, 2024

Tokyo, Japan - Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (MDV), a leading advocate for data-driven healthcare with the largest domestic medical database, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Kiyomi Nojiri as a new external director. Dr. Nojiri brings extensive clinical experience, including acute care hospitals and remote medical settings, as well as insights into healthcare and insurance-related businesses. Her appointment, effective March 27, 2024, is expected to further enable MDV to realize various initiatives towards its mission of creating a society where healthcare choices are accessible to all.

In her statement, Dr. Nojiri reflected on her past involvement in insurer-oriented projects, notably in specific health examinations and metabolic health screenings, where she observed underutilization of health examination data. She expressed her desire to leverage her medical expertise in developing algorithms for early detection of specific diseases, incorporating data from health examinations, genetic information, dietary habits, and exercise routines.
Dr. Nojiri, who has served as an occupational physician for approximately 15 years, emphasized her commitment to improving working environments and advising employees on health maintenance for multiple companies. She holds qualifications as a labor hygiene consultant and has addressed issues such as overwork and obesity among employees. She emphasized the importance of early intervention for both mental and physical well-being, aiming to prevent the exacerbation of health conditions through timely consultations.

Dr. Nojiri's distinguished career includes roles such as:

  • May 1997Joining Tokyo Teishin Hospital
  • May 2002Establishment of Healthcare Committee Co., Ltd., serving as representative director
  • April 2005Part-time physician at Tokyo Teishin Hospital
  • April 2007Establishment of Westfield Consulting Co., Ltd., serving as representative director (current position)
  • November 2007Part-time physician at Kobari General Hospital
  • May 2009Part-time physician at IMUS Miyoshi General Hospital
  • September 2022Part-time physician at Shinbashi Beauty Clinic (current position)

MDV looks forward to integrating Dr. Nojiri's insights to contribute not only to its own growth but also to the benefit of patients and individuals in their daily lives.

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