60% of Hospitals See Revenue Increase from Inpatient Care, but Overall Revenue Decreases by 3.8 Billion Yen : Analysis Revealed by Medical Fee Revision Simulation

  • May 22, 2024

 Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd. (MDV), a company that develops and provides hospital management support systems (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Hiroyuki Iwasaki), aggregated management data from 719 hospitals nationwide to analyze the impact of the 2024 revision of medical fees, effective June 1, on revenue. The analysis revealed that while 60% of hospitals saw an increase in revenue from inpatient care, the total decrease in revenue amounted to 3.8 billion yen. To continue hospital operations while maintaining the quality of medical care, efficient management such as understanding the strengths of each department and providing medical services accordingly, becomes increasingly important.

  • This “revision simulation” was conducted using data from 719 user hospitals of MDV’s management support system, provided for the 2023 fiscal year (January to December 2023), to simulate revenue forecasts based on the 2024 revision of medical fees.
  • By department for inpatient care, Orthopedics saw an increase of 4.7 billion yen in revenue, while Hematology saw a decrease of 3.3 billion yen, followed by Cardiology (2.3 billion yen decrease) and Internal Medicine (2 billion yen decrease).

Inpatient (Total for All Facilities)
Actual Revenue Amount: 3,692.1 billion yen
Estimated Revenue Amount: 3,688.2 billion yen
Percentage of Facilities with Increased Revenue: 59%
Difference: -3.8 billion yen
Increase Rate: -0.10%

■99% of hospitals see revenue decrease in outpatient care

For outpatient care, 99% of hospitals experienced a revenue decrease, with the total decrease amounting to 54.8 billion yen. Detailed analysis and explanation of this revision simulation will be provided at MDV’s “Chokotsuna” Revision Simulation Analysis Meeting on May 29. We encourage you to participate.

【Event Details】

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 29, 15:30 – 17:00
Theme: “Revision Simulation Analysis Meeting”
Capacity: 300 participants
Registration Deadline: Monday, May 27
Viewing Method: Zoom Webinar
Participation Fee: Free of charge

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